suboxone doctors arlington waOvercoming an opioid addiction is never easy. Whether you’ve used heroin or opiates for an extended period of time or for a relatively short one, your body developed a dependency. This means that withdrawals are quite likely, so medical supervision is crucial. Currently, Suboxone is one of the most promising treatments for this type of addiction, as it helps to suppress withdrawal symptoms and provides a host of other benefits. If you’re looking for Suboxone treatment Everett, WA, Shibley Medical Clinic can help.

For many people addicted to opiates, the very idea of quitting sends them into a spiral of despair. Then again, going on living with an addiction isn’t really an option, either.

At Shibley Medical Clinic, we consider addiction to be a disease. Like any disease, qualified medical care is crucial if you want to regain your health, well-being and happiness.

Advanced, Compassionate, Confidential & Successful Suboxone Treatment

The Suboxone doctors on our team understand how addictions to opiates and heroin work, and they know how to administer Suboxone to help patients safely get through withdrawals–and to stop craving the drug too.

Indeed, Suboxone doesn’t just help you get through the initial withdrawal period after quitting. It suppresses cravings and eliminates the feelings of euphoria that typically go along with abusing such drugs. As a result, even if you try to use the drug of your choice, it won’t give you the results that you’re after. For many people, this acts as a powerful deterrent and helps them to resist the urge to pick up again. Of course, medication assisted therapy is just one piece of the puzzle. A lot of hard work goes into quitting, and the team at our Suboxone Clinic Everett are here to give you the support that you need.

Although it may feel that way, you’re not alone when facing your addiction. Help is available right in your backyard at Shibley Medical Clinic. Drs. Shibley and Horn and their team work closely with patients, and they develop customized treatment plans for each. When it comes to outpatient buprenorphine treatment in Everett, WA, you can’t do better than Shibley Medical Clinic.

Don’t put your dreams of addiction-free living on hold for another minute. The help that you need is ready and waiting for you. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today: (206) 938-4291

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