mens clinicLike women, men have their own unique health needs. Shibley Medical Clinic, a clinic for men, is equipped to address them.

If you live in the Seattle or Arlington WA area and are looking for a primary care physician or for treatment for men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction and low testosterone, Dr. Eric Shibley and his team are here to help.

Our men’s health clinics are open to all, but we also specialize in a number of issues that are unique to men.

As a man, you may be more comfortable discussing certain topics in men-friendly environments. No matter how old you get, talking about certain subjects never gets any easier.

At Shibley Medical Clinic, we understand the unique health needs of men and are uniquely capable of addressing them.
We know how problems like low testosterone and erectile dysfunction can negatively impact men’s lives, and we work closely with our patients to develop optimal treatment plans.

Providing Advanced, Confidential & Successful Treatment for Men’s Health Issues like Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

mens clinicIf your life is being negatively affected by erectile dysfunction or another men’s health issue, schedule an appointment at Shibley Medical Clinic right away. All too often, men are too embarrassed to seek help, or they feel like the issue that they are experiencing isn’t important enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. The truth is that anything that negatively affects your life should be addressed. You can get the help that you need at our men’s health clinic.

The second you walk through our doors, you will be made to feel right at home. Our friendly, courteous staff strives to make everyone as comfortable as possible. Regardless of what health issue you are facing, our understanding doctors and healthcare professionals will listen carefully and will come up with suitable treatment options. From testosterone replacement therapy to medications like Viagra, we can help you get back up to speed in no time.

Don’t let yourself be held back by common men’s health issues that can usually be easily treated. Regardless of what is ailing you, you can be sure of one thing: You are not alone. Shibley Medical Clinic is right in your neighborhood, and our men’s clinic’s are currently accepting new patients.

Schedule an appointment to get started on a healthier and happier you.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today: (206) 938-4291

More info on our Men’s Health Services and Treatment for:

Low Testosterone

Erectile Dysfunction


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