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Does it seem like you have less and less energy by the day? Are you having trouble sleeping, is your thinking foggy or has your sex drive taken a nosedive? If you’re a guy, you may think that these are just the consequences of getting older. However, something else could be to blame: low testosterone.

If you live in the Seattle area and are concerned about potentially suffering from low testosterone, or low T, Shibley Medical Clinic can help. Our testosterone replacement therapy clinic can help you regain your health, happiness and life.

Low testosterone presents itself in a number of ways. For most men, however, the first signs are just a feeling of perpetual exhaustion or tiredness. Many men feel completely depleted by the end of the workday and barely have time to “recover” before heading out the door the next morning.

If this sounds familiar, a visit to our low T clinic may be in order. Like many men, you may feel self-conscious about needing to seek help at all. However, it’s the smart thing to do, as ignoring the problem just prolongs your suffering.

low testosterone treatmentMany men finally decide to seek help when their low T symptoms start negatively affecting the people they love. For example, low testosterone can make your sex drive virtually disappear. Needless to say, this can have a very negative effect on even the strongest relationship. Since low T can make sleeping difficult, it can make you feel and act irritably to those whom you care about. It can also trigger depression, which can make it difficult to get through even the easiest day. These symptoms don’t just resolve themselves. In most cases, low testosterone treatment is required.

Our low testosterone doctor will work with you to determine the cause of your symptoms. If it turns out to be low testosterone, many effective treatment options are available. Testosterone replacement therapy is usually the most effective option. This treatment is typically administered via injections or topical creams. Your doctor will go over the potential side effects and other information so that you are as knowledgeable about your treatment as possible.

If you suspect that you may suffer from low testosterone, here’s some good news: Help is available. Better still, it’s right in your neck of the woods.

Overcome your low testosterone and regain the life that you love by scheduling an appointment at Shibley Medical Clinic today: (206) 938-4291

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