heroin addiction treatment seattleOvercoming an addiction to heroin is no easy feat. Like anyone who is addicted, you don’t want to be this way. In fact, you have probably tried to quit many times. Heroin addiction causes physical and mental effects that are so extreme that without medical help, relapse is almost certain. If you are looking for heroin addiction treatment Seattle, Shibley Medical Clinic can help.

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All too often, heroin addicts are told that overcoming their addiction is all about putting mind over matter. In reality, successfully overcoming this type of addiction is dependent on getting the right care. It is easy to feel alone when coping with a heroin addiction, but help is available right in your backyard. Shibley Medical Clinic offers convenient, affordable outpatient heroin addiction services to residents of Seattle, West Seattle, Arlington and surrounding areas.

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There is no such thing as a guaranteed cure for heroin addiction. To effectively treat this condition, a personalized approach is an absolute must. To this end, Shibley Medical Clinic offers both behavioral and pharmacological treatments for heroin addiction. Our team will work closely with you to determine an effective plan. Many times, an integrated approach is best.

Studies have shown that when it comes to behavioral approaches to treating addiction, cognitive behavioral therapy is often effective. With this approach, medical professionals work with patients to modify their expectations and behaviors while improving their coping skills. Shibley Medical Clinic can counsel you to help you approach your addiction in a positive and effective manner.

Unfortunately, heroin addiction isn’t just mental. It has very real physical consequences as well. Withdrawing from heroin and other opiates can be hazardous to your health and dramatically increase your risk of relapse, but certain prescription medications can help. Shibley Medical provides clinically proven medications that increase your odds of successfully quitting and staying off of heroin, including Suboxone and Methadone. With supervised care from our talented team, you can avoid many of the worst aspects of withdrawing from opiates.

Reclaim Your Life with Heroin Addiction Treatment Seattle

Regardless of how long you have used or how unmanageable your life has become, it is never too late to work toward an addiction-free life. Help is available right in your neighborhood thanks to Shibley Medical Clinic. We are ready to help you, so call today.

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